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How to File for Homestead Exemption

Contained On This Page:

File Online

Congratulations Homeowner and Thank You for E-Filing!

You are about to file your Exemption application which includes Homestead for 2022 on-line.  The deadline to file is March 1, 2022. Please note, you must own and occupy your property as of January 1st to be eligible for the 2022 tax year. Please allow 2 - 4 weeks from the date your deed was recorded for the ownership to update in our records.

In keeping with our goal of quicker, easier and friendlier service to our customers, we have developed this application for you to file on-line.

It's Safe, Secure and Easy! In order to file on-line. Simply enter your email address and the parcel number of the property.

Once you have completed the application, please print and retain it for your records. (Please note: after you have completed your application on-line, please allow 24 hours for you application to be submitted and received by our office. If you would like to verify that your application was successfully received, please call 407-836-5044 twenty four hours after you have submitted the application.

File By Mail

We are pleased to offer you the convenience of filing by mail for your Homestead exemption. To make application for Homestead exemption, you must own and occupy your home prior to January 1st of the year in which are eligible to apply. We are currently accepting timely 2022 exemption applications.  The deadline to file is March 1, 2022.

Follow these steps to file by mail:

Step 1: Print the application form and instructions

Application Form and Instructions

Application Form and Instructions (Incl. DR-501DV form for combat related disability)

Step 2: Review the requirements listed below in this section and obtain the appropriate documents such as deed, driver's license, etc.


Step 3: Once completed, submit your application by March 1st to:

Orange County Property Appraiser
Attention: Exemptions
200 S. Orange Avenue, Suite 1700
Orlando FL 32801

File In Person


Please bring all required documentation (see above) with you to:

Orange County Property Appraiser
200 S. Orange Avenue 
Suite 1700
Orlando FL, 32801
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday
(Located in the 200 S. Orange Building in downtown Orlando on the 17th Floor.  Parking is available in the 200 S. Orange parking garage on South Street.)