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Millage Rates Sample Chart & Instructions

This is a brief, step-by-step look at how to read the millage rates charts and estimate ad valorem taxes using a sample case. Please note that this chart has been provided for explanatory purposes only. It does not reflect current rates. Refer to the Glossary of Terms for additional definitions.

Sample case:

John Doe lives in Winter Park and his millage code is 04. He has an assessed property value of $100,000 and Homestead Exemption of $25,000.

1. Taxing Authority – A list of all taxing authorities in Orange County which may levy ad valorem taxes. Community Redevelopment Area (CRA) do not have a millage rate.

Millage Chart by Taxing Authority

2. Millage Rate – rate in dollars, per $1,000 of taxable value, set by each taxing authority based upon tax revenue required in their annual budget.

3. Millage Code – A two-digit code related to your property location and jurisdiction which shows the taxing authorities and millage rates that make up your total rate.

4. This is a subtotal of all millages, not including municipality or county fire and sheriff millage rates.

5. City Code – A list of all municipalities in the county in which your property may be located . If your property is in an unincorporated area, you pay additional millage for sheriff and fire services.

Millage Chart

6. City Millage Rate – This is the millage rate for the municipality in which your property lies.

7. Millage Rate Total – This is the total millage rate for your property for all taxing authorities in dollars per $1,000 of taxable value.

How To Estimate Your Ad Valorem Taxes

(Refer to above sample chart for millage rates)

The following formulas estimate ad valorem taxes only. Your tax bill may also reflect non ad valorem taxes.

  1. Compute Taxable Value

    Taxable Value Formula
    Assessed value $100,000
    Homestead Exemption  - $25,000
    Taxable Value $75,000
  2. Calculate Total Ad valorem Taxes(use Taxable Value from step 1)

    Formula: (Taxable Value/1000) * Total millage rate
    Example: ($75,000/1000) = $75 * 17.6379 = $1322.84

Note: Formula to calculate taxes per taxing authority:

Formula: (Taxable Value/1000) * Millage rate
Example: Taxes due County General = ($75000/1000) = $75 * 5.1639 = $387.29