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Property (DOR) Use Codes

0000Vacant Residential
0001Vacant Residential
0004Vacant Condo
0019Residential Vacant H.O.A
0020Mfr Home With Sticker
0030Vacant Water
0031Vacant Canal Frontage
0035Vacant Lake View
0040Vacant Golf Front
0049Vacant Condo Association
0100Single Family
0101Single Family Class I
0102Single Family Class II
0103Single Family Class III
0104Single Family Class IV
0105Single Family Class V
0106Single Family Class Vi
0119Residential Improved H.O.A
0121Townhouse Class II
0122Townhouse Class III
0123Townhouse Class IV
0130Single Family Residential - Lake Front
0131Single Family Residential - Canal Front
0135Single Family Residential - Lake View
0140Single Family Residential - Golf
0150Single Family Residential - Town Home
0154Townhomes Class II
0175Rooming House
01811 Unit Of Duplex
01821 Unit Of Class 2 Duplex
0194Single Family
0195Single Family Class 3
0196Single Family Class 4
0197Single Family Class 5
0200Manufactured Home
0201Manufactured Home I
0202Manufactured Home II
0203Manufactured Home III
0210Manufactured Home IV
0220Unassigned Code
0230Unassigned Code
0240Unassigned Code
0299Manufactured Home Community
0300Multi-Family I
0301Multi-Family Lihtc
0303Multi-Family Air Rights
0310Multi-Family II
0311Multi-Family Student
0314Multi-Family Mid-Rise
0315Multi-Family High-Rise
0321Multi-Family Dormitory
0349Multi-Family 10-49
0401Condominium-Single Family Residential
0419Condo-Medical Office
0430Condominium-Time Share
0440Condo-Industrial Distribution
0448Condo-Industrial Warehouse
0449Condo-Industrial Flex Space
0450Condominium-Manufactured Home
0471Residential Condo Cls 1
0472Residential Condo Cls 2
0473Residential Condo Cls 3
0474Residential Condo Cls 4
0475Residential Condo Cls 5
0498Comm Improved Condo Assoc
0499Residential Improved Condo Association
0550Cooperatives Manufactured Home
0600Retirement Homes / Asst Liv (Sm)
0610Assisted Living
0700Res Migrant Camp & Boarding Home
0801Multi-Family 1 Unit
0802Multi-Family 2 Units
0803Multi-Family 3 Units
0804Multi-Family 4 Units
0805Multi-Family 5-9 Cls I
0806Multi-Family 5-9 Cls II
0822Class II Duplex
0823Class II Triplex
0824Class II Quadraplex
0900Common Elements/Areas
1000Commercial Vacant Land
1001Commercial Land Economic Unit
1003Commercial Vacant Multi-Family
1004Commercial Vacant Condo Site
1010Commerical Vacant Pad Site
1019Commercial Owner Vacant Association
1029Vacant Developer-Owned
1039Commercial Vacant Hotel
1049Commercial Vacant Condo Association
1100Retail One-Story Store
1103Retail Air Rights
1104Retail Modular
1105Retail Multi-Tenant
1110Retail Convenience Store
1115Retail Free Standing
1119Com Imp Association
1120Retail Drug Store
1125Retail Big Box Small
1130Retail Big Box Medium
1135Retail Big Box Large
1200Store/Office/Res Class I
1210Store/Office/Res Class II
1220Store/Office/Res Class III
1300Retail Department Store
1400Retail Supermarket
1500Retail Regional Mall I
1505Retail Regional Mall II
1510Retail Lifestyle Center
1600Retail Community Center
1610Retail Neighborhood Center
1700Office One Story
1702Office Modular
1703Office Air Rights
1800Office Low-Rise (2-3 Stories)
1802Office Mid-Rise (4-8 Stories)
1803Office High-Rise (9+ Stories)
1900Office Medical Building
1910Office Child Care I
1911Office Child Care II
1950Office Pro Bldg Leed
2000Airports, Commercial
2010Terminals, Marinas
2015Transportation Hub
2100Retail Restaurant I
2101Retail Restaurant II
2110Retail Restaurant Class II
2200Retail Fast Food
2201Retail Restaurant Modular
2300Financial / Bank I
2310Financial / Bank II
2400Insurance Company
2700Vehicle Sale Showroom
2705Auto Sales - Used
2706Auto Sales - Auction
2707Auto Leasing Center
2708Park N Ride Shuttle
2710Vehicle Service Building
2720Tire Dealer
2730Lube Facility
2740Vehicle Repair
2750Car Wash Self Serve
2751Car Wash Drive Thru
2752Car Wash Automatic
2800Surface Parking
2801Mobile Home Park Family
2802Parking Garage
2803Parking Garage Air Rights
2805Mobile Home Park Senior
2816Toll Booth
2820Ped Sky Bridge
2900Wholesale Outlet
3100Drive-In/Open Stadium
3200Theater / Auditorium Enclosed
3401Meeting/Rec Modular
3419Comml Impd Dev-Own Amenities
3450Professional Stadium
3500Tourist Attraction
3501T.A. Sound Stage
3502T.A. Stadium
3503T.A. Theater Class I
3504T.A. Ridehousing Class I
3505T.A. Restaurant Class I
3506T.A. Restrooms I
3507T.A. Retail Class I
3508T.A. Museum
3509T.A. Cubic
3510T.A. Support Class II
3511T.A. Pavillion I
3512T.A. Pavillion II
3513T.A. Theater Class II
3514T.A. Ridehousing Class II
3515T.A. Restaurant Class II
3516T.A. Restrooms II
3517T.A. Retail Class II
3518T.A. Bars/Cocktail Lounge
3520T.A. Restaurant III
3525T.A. Rock Work
3575T.A. Guest Pick Up / Drop Off
3601Rv Park
3700Race Tracks
3800Golf Course
3901Hotel Condo
3903Hotel Air Rights
3904Hotel Weekly / Monthly Class I
3905Hotel Extended Stay
3906Timeshare Holding
3907Hotel Interim / Transition Use
3908Hotel Bed & Breakfast
3909Hotel Weekly / Monthly Class II
3910Hotel Limited Service
3915Hotel Select Service
3920Hotel Full Service
3925Hotel Luxury
3926Hotel Resort / Conv Class I
3927Hotel Resort / Conv Class II
3928Hotel Resort / Conv Class III
3930Convention Center
3935Hotel Ultra Luxury
3940Undeclared Timeshare
4000Industrial Vacant Land
4100Ind Light Manufacturing
4200Ind Research/Development
4205Ind Heavy Manufacturing
4210Ind High Tech Manufacturing
4300Ind Lumber Yards
4400Ind Packing Plant
4500Ind Bottlers
4600Ind Food Processing
4610Ind Cold Storage
4700Ind Mineral Process
4800Ind Warehouse
4810Ind Distribution Center
4820Ind Self Storage
4825Ind Mini Warehouse
4830Ind Truck Terminal
4840Ind Sales Warehouses
4860Ind Flex Space I
4870Ind Flex Space II
4890Ind Telecom/Data Center
4900Ind Open Storage
5001Ag Operations Site
5002Ag Quarantine Zone
5200Ag Cropland Row Crops
5400Ag Timberland
6000Ag Grazing Improved Hay Production
6100Ag Grazing Improved Pasture
6200Ag Grazing Land Semi-Improved Pasture
6300Ag Grazing Land Native Pasture
6600Ag Misc Orchard
6605Ag Blueberries
6610Ag Citrus Grove New
6620Ag Citrus Grove Starting To Produce
6630Ag Citrus Grove Producing Economically
6640Ag Citrus Grove Declining
6660Conservation Miscellaneous Orchard / Grove Fruit
6700Ag Misc Animals
6710Ag Aquaculture
6730Ag Apiary / Beeyard
6801Ag Horse Farm
6900Ag Greenhouse Ornamental Landscape
6910Ag Field Nursery
6930Ag Container Nursery
6940Ag Mixed Container/Field
6952Ag Sod - Class I
6953Ag Sod - Class II
6980Ag Hydroponics
6999Agricultural Waste
7000Inst-Vacant Land
7200Inst-School - Private
7300Inst-Hospital - Private
7400Inst-Retiremement Comm Lg/Inst
7401Inst-Skilled Nursery/Memory Care
7700Inst-Lodge/Union Hall
7720Inst-Country Club
8000Govt Vacant Land
8010Water Mgmt District Vac Land
8063County Conservation/Wetland
8064County Mitigation
8065County Stormwater/Retention
8066County Landscape/Wall Buffer
8067County Trails And Access
8068County Right-Of-Way
8069County Submerged
8073State Conservation/Wetland
8074State Mitigation
8075State Stormwater/Retention
8076State Landscape/Wall Buffer
8077State Trails And Access
8078State Right-Of-Way
8079State Submerged
8088Central Fl Expy Authority
8093Muni Conservation/Wetland
8094Muni Mitigation
8095Muni Stormwater/Retention
8096Muni Landscape/Wall Buffer
8097Muni Trails And Access
8098Muni Right-Of-Way
8099Muni Submerged
8200Forest, Parks, Recreation
8286County Forest, Parks, Recreation
8287State Forest Park Recreation
8288Federal Forest Park Recreation
8289Municipal Forest Park Recreation
8300Public County School
8400Public College
8500Public Hospital
8600County (Other Bldg)
8610County Multi Use Facility
8620County Utility-Gas, Electric
8700State (Other Bldg)
8710State Muilti-Use Facility
8798State Commuter Rail
8800Federal (Other)
8900Municipal (Other)
8910Municipal Airport
8920Muni Utility, Gas, Electric
8980Municipal Multi-Use Fclty I
8981Municipal Multi-Use Fclty II
9000Municipal Lease - Other
9011Municipal Lease Retail
9017Municipal Lease Office
9048Municial Lease Warehouse
9100Private Utility
9110Private Communication Tower
9111Emergency Communication
9200Private Mining
9300Private Subsurface Rights
9400Private Right-Of-Way
9420Utility Easement
9494Access Easement
9500Private Submerged
9510Private River
9520Private Lake
9530Private Pond
9540Private Bay
9600Private Wetland/Lowland
9605Pvt Solid Waste Landfill
9620Borrow Pit
9630Extractive Pit
9700Private Recreational Park
9710High Water Recharge Area
9770Private Trails / Park Access
9780Hiatus Gap / Overlap
9800Private Rail Centrally Assessed
9810Private Railroad Terminal
9894Private Railroad Right-Of-Way
9900Non-Agricultural Acreage
9903Vacant Air Rights
9910Mrkt Value Ag
9915Sign Sites
9920Pvt Utilities
9930Private Conservation Use Class
9935Private Conservation Exemption
9940Private Mitigation
9950Private Stormwater/Retention
9960Private Landscape/Wall Buffer