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Building Subarea Codes

AOFAverage Office
BAEBalcony Excellent
BASBase Area
BNKBank Area
BRABar - Average
BRGBar - Good
BRSBar - Superior
CDNCanopy Detached
CFACubic Feet 1
CFBCubic Feet 2
CFCCubic Feet 3
CFDCubic Feet 4
CFECubic Feet 5
CFECubic Feet5
CLPC Loading Platform
CLPCovered Loading Platform
FATFinished Attic
FBMFinished Basement
FCBFinished Cabana
FCPFinished Carport
FDCFinished Detached Carport
FDGFinished Detached Garage
FDSFinished Detached Screen Porch
FDSFinished Detached Storage
FDUFinished Detached Utility
FEPFinished Enclosed Porch
FGRFinished Garage
FHSFinished 1/2 Story
FHSFinished Half Story
FLLFinished Lower Level
FLRFloor Control
FOFFlex Office
FOPFinished Open Porch
FSPFinished Screen Porch
FSTFinished Storage
FUSFinished Upper Story
GOFGood Office
KTAKitchen Average
KTGKitchen Good
LBALobby Average
LBELobby Excellent
LBGLobby Good
LFALinear Feet Above Average
LFBLinear Feet Average
LFCLinear Feet Below Average
OPNOpen Area
RSARestaurant Average
RSGRestaurant Good
SAASales Area Average
SABSales Area Below Average
SAGSales Area Good
SDASales Display Area
SDASales Display Average
SFBSemi Finished Base
SFBSemi-Finished Base
SPAService Production Area
STAStory 5-15 (5Th-15Th Floor)
STAUpper Stories 5-15
STBStory 16-25 (16Th-25Th Floor)
STBUpper Stories 16-25
STCStory 26-40 (26Th-40Th Floor)
STCUpper Stories 26-40
STDStory 41St Floor & Up
STDUpper Stories 41-Up
SVAService Area
UARUnfinished Area
UBMUnfinished Basement
UCBUnfinished Cabana
UCPUnfinished Carport
UDCUnfinished Detached Carport
UDGUnfinished Detached Garage
UDSUnfinished Detached Storage
UDUUnfinished Detached Utility
UEPUnfinished Enclosed Porch
UGRUnfinished Garage
ULPUnfinished Loading Platform
ULPUnfinished Platform
UOPUnfinished Open Porch
USPUnfinished Screen Porch
USTUnfinished Storage
UUSUnfinished Upper Story