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Does My Property Qualify for the Agricultural Classification?

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An official application for agricultural classification of land must be completed and submitted to the Property Appraiser's office between January 1 to March 1 of the year an owner first applies for the classification. The application is a verification to the county that the owner is using the property primarily for agricultural purposes.

Each property is personally inspected before the classification is first approved. It will be re-inspected at least once every five years.

Agricultural Classification Application & Guidelines


In order for the Property Appraiser to determine whether or not the land is used for agricultural purposes, the following factors will be taken into consideration: Agricultural Classification Application & Guidelines


If there is a homesite located on the property applying for an agricultural classification, the home and the surrounding land it sits on are NOT eligible for this classification. The owner may obtain a homestead exemption if qualified.

Should a parcel receive a homestead exemption, then per Florida Statute 193.155(6) we will cut the Agricultural portion of the property from the residence and curtilage.


When a property is leased for agricultural purposes, the same rules apply to the classification. It is the ultimate responsibility of the owner to make sure the lessee is complying with all laws that govern the agricultural classification. The owner needs to submit the lease in its entirety with the application. If the lease changes, it is the responsibility of the property owner to report it to the Property Appraiser.

Any land owner whose property is denied the agricultural classification may appeal that decision to the Value Adjustment Board.