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Orange County Property Appraiser’s Office Residential Appraisers Permitted to Return to Field Operations

Starting this week, OCPA’s residential appraisers will be permitted to resume field operations, but in a modified manner to ensure everyone’s safety. Field Appraisers will have the option to be on the road again in an OCPA Prius to inspect homes from the car. If necessary, they can walk out of their vehicle to snap a picture of the front of the house. If they do, they will wear a mask.

They will not be knocking on front doors, engaging homeowners in discussion, measuring the house, or inspecting backyards. In the event a homeowner wishes to talk with a member of the field staff, the Field Appraiser will greet the homeowner respectfully, but without a handshake and will maintain a social distance of 6 ft. apart. Each Prius has been stocked with new supplies to keep the appraisers safe while they assess properties in the field, including masks, gloves, hand sanitizers, sanitizing wipes, and iPad screen wipes.

“This is the beginning of our cautious approach toward a new normal,” said Singh. “We’ve maintained our full operation while our staff worked remotely, but under certain circumstances, it is time to permit Field Appraisers to visit sites they are assessing if they deem it necessary.”

OCPA’s top priority remains the safety and wellbeing of its staff, the residents, and community. The downtown Orlando OCPA office remains closed to visitors and all OCPA staff members are working remotely. OCPA’s long-standing commitment to technology enabled the office to transition to a remote workforce seamlessly. Aerial photography and other digital assets allowed the appraisal team to continue to determine assessments while remote. Information about any additional changes to agency functions and plans to reopen the lobby to the public will be made available on the OCPA website ( and on the agency’s social media platforms.