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I just wanted to take a moment and convey my appreciation for your employee Yvonne Belle. Yvonne went above and beyond to help me complete the homestead exemption process. My wife is 9 months pregnant and I am leaving next week for military training at Fort Bragg, NC. I wanted to complete the application prior to the 1 March deadline and didn't want to burden my wife with the application. Yvonne answered all of my questions and even helped locate my voter registration number for verification. I cannot express how impressed I am with the outstanding customer service and professionalism that I received. --Chad 2/14/2018
Dawn and Yolanda both excellent, pleasant to work with. --Anonymous 1/23/2018
Your office is always professional, willing to take the time, a pleasure dealing with all of you. in person on phone or email. Keep up the great work. --Anonymous 1/23/2018
Ms. Belle was an absolute angel. She worked with me patiently and responded quickly. Extremely impressed with her professionalism. Thank you, Ms. Belle! --Anonymous 1/23/2018
Very helpful website answers most questions, and the people at OCPAFL are great to answer questions for those of us who need extra help finding the answers. Thanks! --Anonymous 1/23/2018
Excellent customer service. The best I've received in FL. --Anonymous 1/23/2018
It took less time then trying to do it online” “It was so fast and easy, Dawn Benjamin was a pleasure to work with. --Anonymous 1/22/2018
Thank you for providing satellite services! Very helpful. --Anonymous 1/16/2018
Exceptional people- Friendly & helpful --Anonymous 1/16/2018
This location was perfect. Thank you for doing this service to us…. More power to you guys. --Anonymous 1/12/2018
Very user friendly and was able to complete in a short amount of time. --Wendy 12/29/2017
Easy --John and Isabel 12/21/2017
The online application process was extremely easy to navigate through and I have no suggestions to improve it. --Sam 12/17/2017
Application could not be more simple and easy to fill. --David 12/17/2017
The online process for filing the homestead exemption was very easy and appreciated. The fact that Rick Singh sent us a letter with login/password was very helpful. The process itself was explained clearly and the fact that it listed documents necessary to complete the filing was key. Thank you so much for making it simple to file for the exemption. Every dollar in a family household is important. --Mark 12/16/2017
The process for applying for Homestead Exemption online was very easy to understand and navigate. I just wanted to congratulate you on the design and ease of this process and for providing an online application process to save homeowners time in not having to wait at the office to apply in person. Thank you! --Pamela 12/15/2017
Good --Baby Ruth 12/08/2017
It was a breeze. There's no need to mess with anything. --EUGENE 10/25/2017
I recently tried to fill out the homestead exemption form online. I kept getting a message that a certificate needed to be upgraded. After sending the website feedback, I heard from two different IT specialists with OCPAFL. Jeffrey Karas contacted me by phone, and Kevin Williams emailed me. Their response to my problem was resolved that day. Once again, Jeffrey called and Kevin emailed to let me know I should try again. Wallah, the website worked and I was able to submit the form. THANK YOU TO BOTH GENTLEMEN!! --Hazel 10/21/2017