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Warning: Don't Lose Your Homestead!

Did you know that the recording of a deed which changes the ownership of your homestead property, in any manner, can cause you to lose the homestead exemption?

If you record a deed which changes the ownership of your Homestead property, in any manner (such as but not limited to: adding a name, removing a name, placing the property in a trust or life estate, etc…), you MUST re-apply for the Homestead exemption by March 1, 2021. Florida law requires that you re-apply for the Homestead exemption. Even if you’ve always lived there and enjoyed the benefit of a Homestead exemption, you must still re-apply!

If you are changing the title / ownership of your Homestead and are unsure if you need to reapply, please call and discuss the specifics with one of our customer service representatives at (407) 836-5044.

If you are moving to a new property, your current homestead exemption is not transferable. You must file for Homestead on the new property by March 1st. You may also qualify for PORTABILITY which allows you to bring your “Save Our Homes” assessment savings with you from your previous property. You will need to apply for PORTABILITY by filling out a DR-501T form when you apply for the new Homestead exemption.

Beware! If you recently purchased a property, do not be fooled by seeing a Homestead exemption on your tax notice. You may have inherited the previous owner’s exemption for the current tax year ONLY!  If the property is your primary residence, you must file for your own Homestead exemption by March 1, 2021. You will receive information in the mail from this office on “How to File”. You can file online, by mail, or in person.

Are you an heir to a property which currently benefits from a Homestead exemption?  If so, and you occupied the property as your primary residence by January 1st, you must apply for your own Homestead exemption by March 1, 2021.

Please call one of our helpful customer service representatives at (407) 836-5044 with any questions you may have.

To download a Homestead application, go to the “Exemptions” link on our Home Page.