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Required Documentation For Homestead

Required Documentation For Homestead

All applications submitted, must include copies of the following, required documentation for all owners who apply:

  1. All owners residing on the property and making application for the exemption must provide a valid Florida Driver's License or Florida Identification Card, and
  2. At least one of the following:
    • Florida Vehicle Registration
    • Florida Voter Registration Card
    • Recorded Orange County Declaration of Domicile (affidavit of residency obtained through the Orange County Comptroller's Office) 
  3. Social Security numbers are required for all owners making application and their spouses, even if the spouse does not own and/or reside on the property. Preferably your card or some other document with your number.
  4. If you are not a United States Citizen, your Permanent Residence (green) Card (front and back).


If title to the property on which you are applying is held in a trust, a copy of the entire trust agreement must be submitted via US mail or in person.

If you are filing on a mobile home, proof of ownership is required for both the mobile home and the property. A "Real Property" application must also be submitted. Please contact our office for this form.