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Orlando Magazine - Best User Friendly Website (August 2011)

Orlando Magazine - August 2011 -- "The Orange County property appraiser’s site makes snooping too easy."

ESRI - Special Achievement In GIS Award (July 2010)

Orange County Property Appraiser Bill Donegan has been recognized with a Special Achievement in Geographic Information Systems Award from ESRI. "For most awards, you simply submit an application regarding a specific project and you’re almost a shoe-in – but there is no application process for this award - they selected us!," Donegan states.

"Our goal is to showcase your organization and your important contributions in GIS to our global community. Your organization stood out from more than 100,000 others," said Jack Dangermond, President of Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI). ESRI is the world leader in GIS software and mapping.

The award was presented to the Property Appraiser’s office during the 30th Annual ESRI International User Conference. Click here...

ESRI - Distinguished Publication in Map Book (July 2010)

A series of maps produced by the Property Appraiser analyzing Foreclosures and Recent Development was selected for publication in ESRI’s 25th Anniversary Edition Map Book. "I couldn’t be more proud of the work of my staff. Receiving this GIS award and to have our maps published alongside the greatest cartographic maps being produced globally today is a true testament to the skill and professionalism of my staff," says Bill Donegan. 

FACM - Cadastralist of the Year (October 2010)

In recognition of his truly outstanding contributions to the creation of "Recent Development versus Foreclosure Comparison Map" which was published in this year’s ESRI’s (Environmental Systems Research Institute) Map Book Volume 25, Mr. Charles Gonyea, Cadastral Special Projects Mapper, was awarded the 2010 Cadastralist of the Year Award from the Florida Association of Cadastral Mappers.   

FACM - Cadastralist of the Year (October 2009)

Senior Cadastral Mapper, Joe Ward, has been awarded the "2009 Cadastralist of the Year" by the Florida Association of Cadastral Mappers. This award recognizes Mr. Ward's contributions to the creation, testing and implementation of a "Paperless Parcel Split Combo Process" for the Orange County Property Appraiser's office. The Paperless Parcel Split Combo Process has reduced paper consumption in the mapping department by 83% and ink consumption by 58%.

FACM - Outstanding Achievement Award (September 2009)

OCPA awarded 2009 Outstanding Achievement Award by the FACM

IAAO - Public Information Program Award (October 2008)

This award is given to assessment offices that have developed and implemented a fully operational and effective system for the dissemination to taxpayers of information about the assessment process. more...

FACM - Outstanding Achievement Award (April 2005)

Awarded to, OCPA's Cadastral Mappers, Contract Mappers and GIS Team in recognition of their phenomenal team effort bringing the 'Orange County Base Map Reengineering Project' to completion in exactly five years, well under budget, and developing what is believed to be one of the finest, most accurate and comprehensive cadastrals available nationwide. 

Disabled American Veterans - Commander's Club Award (February 2005)

This award has been bestowed in appreciation for your generosity...because you never forgot the price paid for freedom...and for your steadfast loyalty to our American Heroes.     

ESRI - Map Gallery People's Choice Award, 2nd Place (July 2001)

"GIS Diffusion", Innovative uses to create value in the Enterprise. This award was presented to OCPA for its poster presentation in the ESRI conference map gallery. Recognition goes to OCPA's staff in various departments for their hard work and development of the organization's integrated systems. 

ESRI - Software Application Fair, 2nd Place (July 2001)

"This award was presented to OCPA for enterprise mapping and analysis application programming in avenue. Recognition goes to Manish Bhatt, GIS Project Leader, & OCPA staff for their input into making the application (ProMap) a useful tool for our GIS, Appraisal and Customer Services Departments as well as Inter-Agency use.  

ESRI - Special Achievement in GIS (July 2000)

"Each year ESRI recognizes organizations that have been selected for their outstanding work in the GIS field. Chosen from over 100,000 user sites worldwide, this award is quite an honor." The Office was selected for the development of a user-friendly, enterprise GIS in only 8 months. The endeavor included the conversion of over 3.5 million data features to a Spatial Data Engine (SDE) database, development of user-friendly applications for taxpayers and the Office, and implementation of a parcel re-engineering project. The computer applications included a parcel maintenance application, an Internet Map Server, and a user-friendly, enterprise mapping and analysis application called "ProMap"  

ESRI - Best Software Integration, 2nd Place (July 2000)

"Making a Difference with GIS in the Property Appraisal Business." This award was presented to OCPA for its poster depicting the Property Appraiser's integration of its property appraisal system (CAMA) and geographic information system. The poster illustrated how GIS is used as a tool to facilitate property appraisal in Orange County, Florida, through property information analysis and parcel re-engineering. 

FACM - Outstanding Achievement Award (September 1999)

For "Achievement in the work area with long term of service." Mr. Prestridge was chosen for his effectiveness in managing a high volume of deeds and for his contribution during the Office's conversion to an enterprise GIS.

Heart of Florida United Way Award (1999)

"For a successful Heart of Florida United Way Fund-raising Campaign."  

IAAO - Distinguished Assessment Jurisdiction Award (September 1995)

"Presented to the assessment jurisdiction that has instituted a program generally recognized as being a component of a model assessment system and is contributing to the achievement of the goal of equity in property taxation."

Orange County Property Appraiser's Office (OCPA) received this award for the development of an innovative field appraisal system for laptop computers called "Fieldlink." The system enables the field appraisal staff to download property data from the Office's network server to laptops, thereby providing them with critical parcel information in the field for appraisal purposes. The new system increased the efficiency of property appraisal by enabling the appraisers to remain in the field most of the week. Data gathered in the field is entered into the laptops and uploaded to the network once a week before downloading new information for the following week.  

IAAO - Public Information Program Award (September 1995)

"Presented to the assessment agency which has developed and implemented effective systems for the dissemination of information to taxpayers concerning the assessment process." OCPA received the award for creating a wide range of products designed to enhance communication with Orange County taxpayers. The goal was to improving taxpayers': understanding of the property appraisal and taxation process. The products included a video on the Property Appraiser's Office, a variety of brochures, a TRIM (Truth in Millage) notice insert, field appraiser notification cards, and comment sheets. 

Carnegie-Mellon Award

This award was presented to the Property Appraiser's Office for OCPA's migration of its CAMA (Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal System) from a mainframe environment to a network PC computing environment.