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Quick Stats
OCPA is dedicated to serving the taxpayers of Orange County. We have several services available to assist residents and business owners with their property-related situations. If you have questions about exemptions or any of our other services, stop by or call our office - we're happy to help!
Thank you, Orlando Political Observer, for sharing our great news!
OCPA named Joseph Young as October's Employee of the Month! Joseph's eager attitude allows him to smoothly integrate changes and new procedures into the field. In addition to the positive energy he brings to his team, Joseph has successfully received a Federal Aviation Authority License to fly Drones for OCPA. He has flown residential and commercial properties and is mastering the aerial imagery process for the agency. Congratulations, Joseph! Thank you for all you do.
Rick Singh and Mark Webster were pleased to speak with members of the Realtor Breakfast Club earlier this morning. Meeting passionate professionals in the real estate industry is a great way to start the day.
Keep an eye on your mailbox - tax bills have been mailed out to all Orange County tax payers. If you have any questions about your property taxes or exemptions you may qualify for, visit our website at or call us at 407-836-5044. We're here to help!
Property Appraiser Rick Singh had a wonderful time at the Apopka Veterans Day Fest 2019 which was presented by the Apopka Area Chamber of Commerce. Not just a celebration of the area's veterans, many organizations were on hand to discuss employment opportunities. Veterans Day Fest also brought out lots of citizens, community and business leaders and elected officials. Thanks for a GREAT event! #veteransday #veteran #lestweforget #freedom #USA #vetsfestival #apopka #orangecounty
Rick Singh and the OCPA team had a wonderful time at the Veterans Day Parade on Saturday. The event offered a fantastic opportunity to celebrate and honor the courage and spirit of our veterans.
Veteran's Day is an opportunity to honor the spirit, courage, and sacrifice of the brave men and women of the United States Armed Forces. On behalf of the entire OCPA team … and as a proud veteran of the U.S. Army … Rick Singh sends his best wishes to his brothers and sisters of the U.S. military.
As seen in this week's print edition of the Orlando Sentinel, Rick Singh shares his thoughts on the great news of plans to restore The Beacham. A downtown icon, The Beacham has reinvented itself many times as Orlando's culture shifted. New plans call for renovations to be influenced by styles from decades past.
Rick Singh and the OCPA team had a great time at today's Veterans Day Parade. What a wonderful way to spend a gorgeous Saturday afternoon!
  • 465,566 Parcels
  • 294,684 Single Family Residential
  • 50,112 Residential Condos
  • 22,577 Townhomes
  • 72 Timeshares
  • 4,075 Multi-Family
  • 1,054 Apartment Complexes
    • 136,053 Apartment Units
  • 286 Hotels
    • 88,054 Hotel Rooms
  • 117 Mobile Home Parks
    • 5,456 Mobile Homes
  • 4,785 Manufactured Homes
  • 22,649 Vacant Residential
  • 14,045 Commercial
  • 51,110 Other