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Nagesh Singh, Consul General of India in Atlanta

Recently I had the great opportunity to welcome Nagesh Singh, Consul General of India in Atlanta, to Orange County. Mr. Singh’s background includes serving as a director in the Ministry of External Affairs in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran, as well as the Joint Secretary/Officer on Special Duty to the Vice President of India.

A consul is an official representative of his or her government of the consul’s country and is utilized to assist in trade and to forge friendships with other countries. In this case, Mr. Singh is visiting Florida, and we talked about the growth that’s happening in Orange County. We spoke about new development in the business sector and residential property growth around the county. We also chatted about how we may be able to partner, and what I can do as property appraiser that oversees one of the state’s largest tax rolls, to forge a stronger bond with India.

I always welcome the opportunity to greet an international representative to our county. It allows me to show off the work we’re doing on behalf of residents and taxpayers of Orange County. It also gives me the chance to learn more about the country of the delegate I’m speaking with. I gained best practices and knowledge that will benefit our office now and in the future.

As you may be aware, India has one of the world’s largest GDPs or Gross Domestic Product, and according to the International Monetary Fund, is the world’s fastest growing major economy. Obviously, we cannot compare the strength of a county’s economy to that of the second most populous country in the world. But it shows how important it is to reach out to potential partners internationally to make sure that Orange County remains strong.

Our market value is strong, standing at $172.6 billion, new residential growth is climbing, and new construction in Orange County has reached $3.1 billion. Those are amazing numbers, and I was happy to brag about the strength of our economy and the wonderful work we’re doing in the property appraiser’s office to the Consul General of India, Nagesh Singh.