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Your application for Homestead Exemption was very easy to use and very helpful. I was surprised that I received approval so quickly. Very efficient process. Thank you --Jerry 9/27/2017
The application was very clear and easy to navigate. After completing the application I contacted customer service with a question. This was handled with the utmost professionalism, courtesy and competence. --Alvin 9/26/2017
I found the website very user friendly. Great Job! --Elizabeth 9/24/2017
Marcia and John were very super in helping us navigate through our Homestead process. Great employees.. They took the time to explain and help us understand what was involved in getting our filing completed --Thomas 9/23/2017
Easy to understand --ANA SOFIA 9/14/2017
This was super easy and quick. I'm very impressed --Alice 9/14/2017
Very easy to navigate! Thanks for providing these services online. It fits my schedule perfectly. --Angel 8/31/2017
Nicely done website, everything flowed in a logical order and was easy to understand. Impressive! --Ron 8/30/2017
Spoke with Peggy in your Appraisal office. What a joy. Answered all my questions and was very patient in ensuring I understood all the nuances. Very knowledgeable and pleasant. I'll give her a 12 out of 10 for helpfulness and service!!! --James 8/30/2017
I was there last night. I am so extremely impressed with you and proud to be part of all this. All of you did a fantastic job. You all are GREAT! --Frank 8/25/2017
This process was very user friendly and easy to do. Thank you --Alicia 8/16/2017
Very user friendly. --Louie 8/11/2017
This online process has been fantastic. I wouldn't change a thing. Thank you for making this feature available and helping to avoid standing in a long line or having to take off of work to get this process completed. --Lisa 7/31/2017
This website was easy to use and access. --Kelley 7/29/2017
Excellent process for filing for Homestead Exemption. Website was responsive and easy to navigate. Thank you for making this service available! --Bradley 7/26/2017
I can't believe how easy it was :) --Sandra 7/17/2017
Appreciate being able to do this online. It was convenient, easy to use and took very little time to complete. Thank you. --Deborah 7/13/2017
Very easy to use. --Karlene 7/10/2017
Online application was easy and convenient - took less than 10 minutes once I had paperwork assembled. Thank you! --Carol 7/06/2017